27 at 27 

27 at 27 

Seeing as how I just turned 27 I figured I’d share 27 facts about me that not everyone may know. 

1. I am a lefty, I’ve heard all the wise tales that I should be more creative to I am going to die earlier than a righty, thanks. 

2. I’m a picker. If you knew me as a child I basically had a constant scab on my knee because I would never let it heal. 

3. I collect Barbie dolls. Yes. The fancy ones that cost more than shoes. 

4. I could live off of broccoli alone. It is my favorite vegetable. 

5. When I was a child I super glued my arms together and have a scar to prove it. 

6. I also cut my head open and had to get stiches when I was a toddler. 

7. I learned how to swim before I learned how to talk. 

8. I am a certified pilates instructor, but wish I would have gotten my yoga certification now. 

9. I used to bite my nails until I graduated high school and was finally able to kick the habit. 

10. I was a victim of online/in person bullying and am careful of what I put into the universe. 

11. I used to have my nose and belly button pierced. I thought I was badass. 

12. I had braces for a year to correct my madonna gap. 

13. My first job was at hotdog on a stick. I made corn dogs and lemonade for 2 years. 

14. I got really into the emo scene in high school and regret the hair the most. 

15. My birth mother was/is a drug addict, and I haven’t been in contact with her since I was 11. 

16. I have three half siblings, two from my dad and stepmom and one from my birth mom, but I don’t see her ever. 

17. I used to be really stubborn with trying new foods, and now I eat anything you put in front of me. 

18. I can’t do dairy. It’s very very sad. All I want is some mint chip ice cream. 

19. I hit puberty in 5th grade and haven’t grown since then. 

20. I am double jointed. 

21. No matter how skinny I’ve been I’ve always had a little pudgy tummy. 

22. I’ve had a Disneyland pass consistently since 2008. 

23. My most watched movies are: silence of the lambs, labyrinth, nightmare on elm street, the little mermaid and scream. I am a very dynamic viewer. 😜 

24. The smell of orange blossoms evokes many emotions in me. 

25. Quitting soda was one of the hardest things to give up. 

26. I used to have a fashion notebook where I would write down all my outfits and take Polaroids of them. 

27. I am finally learning who I am and what I want out of my life. 


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